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"we have found JAC Vapour products to be among the most reliable and well manufactured that we use.  Jac Vapour staff have excellent customer service skills, answering any question or queries quickly and informatively.  They are very quick to dispatch the goods and always package them well.  We are finding the SERIES-S22 line and the new VIM kits especially popular with our customers."

- Pam Murray, Ziggicig Finaghy

"SM Innovation has been working with Jac Vapour for a good few years now. We find them to be thoroughly professional, approachable and at the forefront for developing quality market leading products. They have the customer’s needs in mind at all times and it shows in the products they produce. Their B2B communication and support is smooth and fast and they offer the kind of flexibility that makes a real positive difference in business.“

- Tristan Hann, SM Innovation

"JAC Vapour is a good company to deal with, their products sell well and are very sturdy with great build quality.  We have stocked the SERIES-S17, SERIES-S22 and also have the VIM as a tester.   Our customers love these products.  Our rep Colum is an easy guy to deal with and can help with any problem.  We will continue to deal with JAC vapour in the future."

- Michelle Fawley, M's Vapours

"We have only just started dealing with JAC Vapour. I was very sceptical at first because everyone tells you what you want to hear, that's if they actually bother to respond. I made arrangements to meet a chap called Colum, who looks after Scotland & Northern Ireland, expecting a 'sales pitch', was I wrong!  He arrived with some product samples, we discussed everything except JAC Vapour. Football, the weather, you name it.  Good job really because the S22 starter kit he arrived with didn't need to be sold: it is brilliant & really does last all day.  When you're just getting started it is vital that you have the right products to stand behind & make no mistake JAC Vapour HAS that product.  If you're like me, a bit sceptical, don't be these guys are the real deal!"

- Jim, Transition Vape Supplies


"The JAC Vapour SERIES-B Tilt quite literally stands out from the crowd"

- Gizmodo UK

"The simple design is refreshingly inoffensive"

- GQ Magazine

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